Hamilton Candidates for April 7, 2022 Election

Written by Barbara Smith,

Blogger at Hamilton Wenham Liberals for Democracy

Nomination papers were turned in from the following Hamilton potential candidates:                                                         

Board of Selectmen    3 year term/ 2 openings

                Darcy Dale (incumb)

                Rosemary Kennedy (incumb)

                Caroline Beaulieu

                Thomas Myers 

Board of Assessors   3 year  term/ 1 opening 

Christopher Campbell (incumb)             

Planning Board   3 year term/3 openings

                Emil Dahlquist (incumb)

                William Wheaton (incumb)

                Elizabeth Herr

Housing Authority    5 year term/ 1 opening

                Michelle Horgan (incumb)

Town Moderator      1 year  term/ 1 opening

                William Bowler (incumb)

HW Library Trustee     3 year term/1 opening                                             

                Jane  Kusel

HW Regional School Committee   3 year term / 1 opening  

                Brian Scudder

Lauren Lambert

                Amy Kunberger

David Polito

Andrea Van Boven

Courtney Ashwood

David Frankel


Candidates have until March 7 to withdraw.

Information provided by Town Clerk, Carin A. Kale

978-468-5570 ext. 3


Annual Town Meeting, Saturday, April 2, 9:00 a.m.

Annual Town Election, Thursday, April 7, 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Signing the Pledge

So far, I don’t see any of these names on the Hamilton Wenham Human Rights Coalition website as “pledge signers”. However, the website hasn’t been updated in a while. Perhaps candidates realize that some people don’t want to vote for pledge signers……

It is critical that candidates be independent minded and not pressured to pledge to a group of unelected, individuals who bully elected officials when they don’t get their way. The candidates should be loyal to the VOTERS, not this group that is a 501 (C) (4). This means that they are allowed to accept unlimited dark monies to further their agenda, whatever that is. Hamilton needs transparency and accountability, not secrecy. Learn more here: http://hamiltonwenhamliberals.com/hamilton-democratic-committee/what-is-a-501-c-4-and-its-impact-on-hamilton-ma/

We need to promote Social justice and respect without demonizing Town officials whose DUTY it is to serve ALL the Townspeople.

In other words, we need to stop certain people from bullying candidates and Town officials who are courageous, independent thinkers who don’t obey orders to sign their pledge. Calling other town officials “racists” needs to stop…..

Development and Affordable Housing

We need leaders who want to represent ALL of us, including the elderly, women (by promoting hiring women and anti-sexual harrassment training) lower income individuals AND those of us not connected to Gordon College or other religious institutions.

Just to clarify: Gordon Seminary is a Billy Graham nonprofit corporation called Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. There are financial implications when an institution does not pay their fair share toward educating Hamilton students.

I respect that people have the right to practice religion, but religious institutions must not have undue influence on how Hamilton operates.

We need to elect officials who preferably have lived in Hamilton for several years, understand how our form of government works and have a long term vision to control over-development, increasing business tax revenues and protecting the environment, especially our water. We need controls on School Committee spending at the expense of tax payers and the elderly who make up 30% of the residents.

Hamilton Needs Transparency

The people of Hamilton need transparency and accountability so that never again… will a single School Committee member unduly influence public health policy behind the backs of our Board of Health and Select Board.

Improving Education

Many residents move to Hamilton and Wenham because of the school’s high reputation. Now that the pandemic restrictions are starting to loosen up and students are back in school buildings, we need leaders who focus on bringing back high academic levels while at the same time addressing the huge social/emotional toll suffered from the pandemic.

Truthful American history (including facts about enslavement, reconstruction, Jim Crow and current day hate and voter suppression can and should be integrated into the curriculum while at the same time also respecting that not every resident has the same agenda as the Hamilton Wenham Human Rights Coalition. Name calling does nothing to further educate students and parents on the need to further social justice.


I didn’t understand until recently that the Hamilton Wenham School District and its budget are separate from the Town budget. So if someone from the School Committee (someone like Anna Siedzik) tells the public to complain about the school budget to the Select Board, she is misleading you! Let’s hold the correct individuals accountable with accuracy …… TRUTH MATTERS!

If I got any of the above information wrong, please correct me. I am not an expert on these issues and I seek accuracy….

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