Anna Siedzik Responds to Eric on Face Book

Written by Barbara Smith,

Blogger and Social Justice

Here are screenshots of Anna Siedzik responding to Eric on the Community Facebook page. I am banned from this page because I disobey Anna Siedzik …. I continue to disobey with my comments in purple…

Our district used to have…..

An unprecedented number of students have left the district since Anna Siedzik joined the Hamilton Wenham School Committee. Parents are ANGRY that students are spending large amounts of academic time on indoctrination….. primarily LGBTQIA pronoun training and investigating whether or not students use the same pronouns at home that they use in school. Parents should not have to wonder if their child will be given a chest binder at school or any type of transition assistance during the school day…. Many families also left the district because school rankings have sunk….. Money has been spent on Anna Siedzik’s pet projects rather than on academics.

Anna Siedzik spearheaded the $15 million turf spending to get her soccer mom support, against the wisdom of the Hamilton Fin Com committee. This money could have been used to support our student’s with special needs… but those numbers are relatively small compared to the soccer moms that have become Anna Siedzik supporters. These supporters are gullible parents who want to do good in our society and think that they can do that by obeying Anna Siedzik and her political lobby , misnamed the Hamilton Wenham Human Rights Coalition .

Anna Siedzik is a political lobbyist who serves god and makes money by pushing a development agenda, primarily development for her employer Harborlight Homes. Affordable housing built by a 7 Church owned non-profit that PAYS NO REAL ESTATE TAXES. So all the current residents of Hamilton have to compensate from that lack of taxes paid by the new residents and students moving into town who live in Harborlight Homes.

I pay over $12,000/year for my modest split level and Hamilton is heading toward being like Concord, MA where taxes are often over $20,000/ year.

Housing and red herrings….

New housing by Harborlight Homes, Anna Siedzik’s employer pays no real estate taxes, so the above IS A LIE if she gets her way and sells units for her boss.

We have a water crisis in this area, especially in Ipswich. Hamilton may have an adequate amount of water today but is at risk of being in the same boat with the same environmental challenges. Hamilton town manager, Joe Domelowicz has advocated that Hamilton regionalize with Ipswich and other towns to share our water resources, leaving Hamilton at greater risk in the long term. That is not a solution. The solution is to allow scientists, planners and our elected state representative Kristin Kassner create policy that protects our coastal water instead of shifting the problem around.

with infrastructure…

Spending $15 million on a sports complex against the recommendations of the Hamilton Fin Com – is financially
reckless, as well as unsustainable…. and the town needs a new elementally school (cost of $100 million) , the high school needs a new roof and the Town Hall is in disrepairs and inaccessible- a lawsuit waiting to happen when someone in a wheelchair decides to sue.

Anna Siedzik does NOT RESPECT OPEN SPACE, THE ENVIRONMENT AND PROTECTING OUR WATER. She respects serving god and making money for her employer at Harborlight Homes.

Nobody is stopping businesses from opening up in Hamilton. But more restaurants and shops will bring in minimal revenues. Instead, the experts, town planners and elected officials need to explore creating business sites that will generate big taxes- such at the Gordon Conwell site…..

I’ve painstakingly…

Anna Siedzik spends her time politically lobbying our elected and hired town officials and her time on Face Book promoting her agenda to serve god and make money. Now that she is no longer on the school board, garnering soccer mom support to push her agenda…. she doesn’t benefit from answering your questions.

She always stuck her nose into town business that had no relationship to the schools, such as helping town manager , Joe Domelowicz remove Covid test kits behind the backs of the select board and giving them to faith based charities to distribute… But now she is BUSY MAKING MONEY and can no longer have her thumb in every pie….

Nuanced dialog

My comments about not fixating

Kids are actually leaving the district in droves since Anna Siedzik started her indoctrination programs and the schools have also gone down in academic rankings…. Of course, that is related to families removing their children from our schools….

I fully support….

Anna Siedzik was on the School Board, she is not the Hamilton housing Czar and she should stop acting like she has the answers just because she is loud and in everybody’s face all the time. ANNA SIEDZIK IS A POLITICAL LOBBYIST OUT TO EARN INCOME AND HER WORDS AND DESIRES ARE NOT IN THE BEST INTERST OF THE RESIDENTS OF HAMILTON.

I have no idea what she means by Hamilton not welcoming new students. Many families sell their homes as soon as the youngest graduates high school because it is too expensive to live here…..and Anna Siedzik calls older folks like me classist, elitist, racist, bigoted TERFs if we don’t obey her development demands.

Your questions about infrastructure….


Water, sewage, traffic and noise are REAL and it is not up to know it all Anna Siedzik to determine that these things are red herrings and don’t matter.

I can say without hesitation…

Anna Siedzik wants Hamilton to develop until we are as congested as Newburyport and our taxes are as high as in Concord, MA (many pay over $20,000/year). Anna Siedzik grew up in wealth, was indoctrinated at Yale and came to Hamilton to MAKE MONEY and spread her BELOVED message. She calls us classist, elitist, racists while spending $15 million on soccer mom turf and bullies, bans and attacks people like me… an atheist, a senior citizen, a woman- vulnerable to forced birth…. someone not in her preferred and beloved human rights categories. We all deserve human rights protection from people hateful people, people like Anna Siedzik and her followers .

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