Mind Control in Process

Written by Barbara Smith,

Blogger and social activist,


The Hamilton Wenham Human Rights Coalition, a local, faith-based , hate group is at it again. They want candidates to sign a pledge of fealty to this group of control freaks. They think its ok that:

  1. they determine who is a worthy candidate, someone whom they can control and if you don’t obey then you get banned from their page, as well as censored on Hamilton Wenham community facebook pages that are packed with their supporters.
  2. they determine who is WORTHY of being called a human rights supporter, even as they call dissenters “racists”, anti gay or whatever term they come up with to demonize dissenters. Dissenters are people who don’t obey their orders.
  3. They decide WHO is worthy of being a “protected class” in policy and they refuse to protect atheists and women.
  4. They promote a local economy as they choose, since their head leader works for the affordable housing organization that they are loyal to instead of working with Hamilton officials who are independent minded.
  5. If the chosen, pledge signing candidates loyal to the Coalition get elected and independent minded candidates are out of office, then there will be no controls on development, housing, flags, pledges, proclamations and whatever else they dream up to control our minds.
  6. They call for transparent government and at the same time their leader Anna Siedzik shares secret emails with town officials as she attempts to control all Hamilton procedures, regardless of ethics and regulations.

Here is an example of one of Anna Siedzik’s behind the scene tactics to convince the town manager to work in secret to obey her wishes to limit oversight. This was sent to me by a concerned citizen.

Im writing this post because Democrats are supposed to support transparency, social justice and ethics. Candidates must answer to the VOTERS not some random group of controlling, self-righteous, zealots.


  1. Barbara, you are literally baffling. Please stop this ridiculous personal vendetta. The HWHRC is “faith based”? What on earth are you talking about? I am leaving this group, which I had thought was a genuine Democratic page.

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      I am working to stop a political lobby group from requesting candidates to pledge to them. Candidates need to answer to the voters, not a group of unelected individuals with an agenda that is not in the best interest for ALL the residents of an entire town. I just want to expose this dangerous, controlling behavior where one individual influences every aspect of our town ranging from what is taught in schools, how covid test kits are dispatched, creation of affordable housing (which I approve of but not at the expense of the environment and density), where flags hang, proclamations before meetings etc. I do believe that there is a faith based fervor behind her actions. Otherwise the Coalition and Commission leaders would not be so resistant to including women and atheists as protected classes in the human rights policy. I know that this is an unpopular view because atheists are such an unpopular minority, often hated which is why I seek specified class protection.
      I’m sad to see you leave this page that offers an unpopular point of view, but of course that is your choice. I changed this page from being a Hamilton Democratic committee page to the Hamilton Wenham Liberals for Democracy page because I was unable to support Jamie Belsito’s campaign after she pledged allegiance to Anna and her followers. I don’t find that so baffling, but if you have any questions, I am here to answer them…. thanks for your participation in Democracy!

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