Hi There, Jeremy Coffey!

written by Barbara Smith,

Blogger and Activist


Getting to Know You!

Someone named Jeremy Coffey is apparently a prominent and proud member of the Hamilton Wenham Human Rights Coalition and he wants the voters to get to know him…. I share his words in blue and my response in purple.

Ms. Smith I’m a member of the board of the dreaded HWHRC. We’ve never met. We’ve never spoken. As far as I am aware, you don’t know me or anything about me. You’ve never given me the courtesy of asking my views or opinions.

He’s an Anna Siedzik cult Follower

I don’t need to know anything about Mr. Coffey other than he is an Anna Cult Coalition Follower. That means that he thinks its ok that a faith-based political lobby 501 (c) (4) is taking over an entire community’s government and control of everything ranging from Anna Siedzik’s demands for Affordable housing regardless of the impact on density or the environment . By the way, she gets paid by her employer to do so.

Mr. Coffey thinks its OK to ban and demonize any individual who does not obey the Coalition rules. I stated on the Coalition page that I did NOT support Jamie Belsito for state representative. Here is the reason why:


I also resigned from being chair of the Hamilton Democratic Town Committee because I was obligated to support Jamie Belsito after she won the primary and I refused to support such a self-aggrandizing, lying person.

The Coalition only cares about certain people and their human rights….

THEY get to decide who deserves protected class

The Coalition refuses to acknowledge and respect protected classes such as women and atheists in their policy. They have a lot of silly excuses such as the classes are already covered, (not true) the grammar would be too messy or there is no legal justification. I believe that these responses are bogus and the real reason is that a group of faith-based individuals, many associated with the local religious institutions simply want to control the narrative- who should be included in a protected class.

The Coalition Demands Symbols and Mind Control

THEY want the power to decide what flags to fly, what proclamation to recite, what pledge candidates should sign. I’m sure that soon they will be telling the community where and when to pray. And again, if anyone dissents, they get called a “racist”, “TERF”, “anti-human rights”.


Ironically, some of these very same Coalition followers are associated with religious institutions that require signing an oath to religious doctrine that is ANTI-GAY. Do their employers even know about these past pledges??

The Coalition Thinks its OK to Secretly remove Hamilton’s Covid Test Kits to be dispatched by faith-based organizations to other communities including Essex, Topsfield and Wenham

Anna Siedzik never answered the question of how she knew more about where the test kits went before the Board of Health, the Board of Select or any one in government, except the Town manager.

In addition, Anna LIED and said that the Board of Health chair, David Smith knew all about this and had the distribution all under control… LIES….

Jeremy Coffey: continues:

But, you have felt free to slander me on this and other Facebook pages in town as a control freak, as anti-woman, anti-atheist, a distributor of “dark monies” to illegally influence town government, as some nefarious person trying to usurp democracy and wrest control of our towns from the voters, a bully, and worse.

By way of introduction, I’m a working dad and husband, and hope I am doing right by my family (but, I know I fall short often). Personally, I’m very concerned about women’s rights, and serve on a number of non-profit boards of organizations focused on domestic violence prevention and education. Before my family moved here from Texas, I volunteered with the Fort Worth Police Department on overnight shifts in responding to domestic violence calls to provide survivors with information about resources and options. I’ve provided free legal services to low income residents. And, I’ve been a volunteer here in town in a number of capacities. And, my fellow HWHRC board members are far more qualified and far better people than me. They are volunteers in town. They have families. They do things in town to which many give lip service, but few do anything to support.

For information on 501 (c) (4) political lobbies http://hamiltonwenhamliberals.com/hamilton-democratic-committee/what-is-a-501-c-4-and-its-impact-on-hamilton-ma/

A Little About Barbara Smith

I have lived in Hamilton for 25 years. When my one and only child graduated from the school system, I continued to live in my modest split level home for the following 15 years. I’m the senior citizen who pays almost $900/month in taxes so that your children can go to a supposedly great school system. However, where are the school rankings that prove that the School Committee and all associated have used that money wisely to maintain quality schools?

I don’t really follow what goes on in the schools….but I am paying for them. I noticed several Coalition members moved out after their children graduated and this is a trend. Hamilton has become a town of mostly white, upper middle class, entitled parents, pissed off that the Millennial generation is stuck with massive student loan debt and overpriced housing. YOU SHOULD ALL BE THANKING ME FOR STAYING. After their children graduate they will move to less expensive towns while us lucky older folks who bought homes before they tripled in prices continue to live and pay high taxes. Im hoping that leadership gets elected to address this untenable situation.

Im sure that Anna Siedzik doesn’t care about this….

I really don’t care about Mr. Coffey and his good dooby deeds and I certainly don’t feel like I need to share my own and have a pissing contest on who is a better human being.

Jeremy Coffey is proud…….

I’m proud to work with them on human rights issues. I’m proud to be associated with the HWHRC. While I don’t suspect it will slow you down, I just wanted to let you know a little about the people you continue to slander with your unhinged posts and rants.

Women, Rants and Gaslighting

Im proud to BE AN INDEPENDENT THINKER. I wish that there existed a real human rights organization in our towns-one that didn’t bully, attack, lie and gaslight any and all voices of dissent. Yes, I’m mad about this attack on Democracy!!

However, I have taken to writing about and living my values….

I want to further the causes of anti-racism:

But want human rights for all human beings and the Coalition Cult and their cult followers do not get to define how an entire town defines human rights and how to further them. WE HAVE MANY VOICES IN HAMILTON

I want to further Democracy and Voting Rights:

and I fight for Women’s Rights INSTEAD OF GASLIGHTING WOMEN.

I blog about what I believe in and seek truth and accountability.

Vote April 7th for independent thinkers:

Elizabeth Herr for Planning Board

School Committee Candidates:

Andrea Van Boven

Courtney Ashwood

Brian Scudder

Select Board Candidates:

Rosemary Kennedy

Darcyll Dale

Im only listed candidates for contested races:

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